Global Giants Hiding on the Pink Sheets

With few exceptions, investors should run screaming from any stock quoted on the Pink Sheets. But not every stock being traded over the counter is a dud. In fact, some of them are top-notch global companies investors would be wise to consider. Here's a look at some of the best.

It Could Be Party Time for Molson Coors Stock

Prospects for reinvigorated growth among brewers have picked up again, partly because sales volume has begun to rebound from last year's sharp drop. And some pros who usually are ahead of the pack have singled out Molson Coors as the brewer to bet on.

SABMiller May Make a Bid for Foster's

London-based brewer SABMiller is mulling a $10.9 billion bid for Melbourne-based Foster's Group, according to reports. But SABMiller is not alone, Japan's Asahi Breweries might also be interested.