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These Signs Point to Job Growth in 2011

Many Wall Street pundits are surprisingly bullish about the U.S. economy for 2011, but high unemployment continues to ravage Main Street. Still, with corporate profits booming and the stock market rallying, signs are piling up that employment may finally be poised for a comeback too.

Recession Takes a Bite Out of Power Lunch

Restaurant traffic is down in 2009, with industry experts blaming cutbacks in expense-account dining in part for the drop. That's a problem for deal-making, as a third of CFOs say their most successful business meeting was conducted over a meal.

Time for Staffing Company Stocks?

Investors should ignore the broader jobs debate and hone in on one aspect that seems indisputably strong: the pickup in temp hiring. And more hiring in that area could be good for Manpower and Robert Half International.