Will Google's Next Phone Be A BlackBerry Killer?

On the heels of the debut of the Nexus One handheld,Google is now targeting the business market. The company says that the next version of the Nexus One will probably come with a physical keyboard like the BlackBerry. Research In Motion has reason to be concerned.

Android Spells Trouble for iPhone

Google's Android is proving to be the first true competitor to Apple's iPhone in terms of bandwidth consumption and rich application use. If providers such as MetroPCS or Leap Wireless start offering Android-powered smartphones, it could be a big problem for some big players.

BlackBerry, iPhone Face Off in China

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is the latest handset manufacturer to seal a distribution deal in China. The deal, aimed at consumers and small businesses, pits the smartphone maker against other established offerings, including Apple's iPhone.

Smart phone sales get smarter

Sales of smart phones have been hurt by the economy, at least according to industry research. The handsets, which function as small, de facto PCs,...