Every Day Is Free Shipping Day -- Now, How About Free Returns?

Monday was Free Shipping Day. So is Tuesday. In fact, every day is. No, not officially: The official event is Dec. 17, the last day retailers will guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery. But so many retailers always offer ways to get free shipping, they need a new gimmick -- like free returns.

Investors Are Keeping Their Eyes on the Wrong Ball

There's a frenzy of stock buying going on now, because no one wants to be left out of the stock market recovery. But all those who are betting on short-term gains are engaged in what I call "wrong ball investing." Here's how to keep your eye on the right ball.

Beat the recession: Invest in lawsuits

First it was guns and then guitars; but now the ultimate American investment vehicle has arrived: lawsuits. With millions of lawsuits filed in the...

Ripped off at the golf shop?

Here's a pretty convoluted story I found on the message board. Basically, this guy went to Golf Galaxy and purchased a club for $60 and...