retirement age

Americans Need Trillions More for Retirement

A new study says that Americans are $6.6 trillion short of the amount they need to retire. The study says that falling stock values and house prices have squeezed Americans%u2019 savings, CNBC reported. Advocacy group Retirement USA commissioned the study and it was conducted by Boston College%u2019s Center for Retirement Research.

Investing at 60: Pacing Yourself for a Long Retirement

Personal finance expert Jean Chatzky has reached the last post in this series, aimed at those of you who are age 60 and over -- or interested in a little advance planning. Here are your tips for making that nest egg last as long as you do.

No More Do-Overs for Social Security?

A provision created to allow retirees to correct the mistake of tapping their benefits too early has been used by some as a fairly lucrative investment strategy. Now, the Social Security Administration wants to put an end to the practice.