You've Retired! Now Put Your Plan to the Test

Welcome to your first year of retirement. You made it! Hard work and diligent saving have paid off. Your financial plan should practically run itself at this point. Still, aim to check in periodically.

Is It Bad to Be the First Person to Apply for a Job?

As a general rule, it%u2019s typically a disadvantage to be one of the last to apply for a job because the longer you wait, the better the chances are that the position will be filled. That said, sending off your application too quickly can backfire on you as well.

The Three Key Ways LinkedIn Makes Money

Trefis currently has a $30 price estimate for LinkedIn stock -- about a third of the market price. Why the disparity? Take a look at the prospects for the three businesses that bring in the vast majority of LinkedIn's revenue, and the answer becomes clear.

Six Resume Secrets for College Grads

With the job market still in recovery, competition for employment is fiercer than ever. To stand out from other applicants, this year's college...

Recession Swells the Ranks of Breadwinner Wives

For married couples of opposite genders, the downturn's inordinate impact on men has resulted in an increasing number of wives becoming the primary breadwinner or returning to the labor market. Surprisingly, many men don't mind at all.

500 resumes for a $13 an hour job

Call it a testimony to the times. A Salt Lake City trucking company's quest to fill a $13-an hour administrative assistant position at its Indiana...

5 things to do when you get fired

Despite the success of the Cash for Clunkers program and other government incentives to boost consumer spending, are you optimistic about the state...

How to find your next job

It's harder than ever to find a job ... but it still can be done. For Walletpop Radio, I interviewed workplace expert Liz Ryan for some terrific...

Today's job hunters need an edge

It's getting increasingly competitive in the job market these days. With current unemployment figures ranging anywhere from 5% to 7.5%, depending on...

Do you really want to get that job?

It's amazing to me with all the books and internet resources on careers, resumes, and job interviews, that people still make big errors on a wide...