10 Big Restaurant Chains That Are Falling Off the Menu

It's hard to stay competitive in the restaurant business, no matter how well-established your brand is. In the past 10 years, some of America's biggest chains have seen their sales fall by more than 50%, and closed hundreds of locations. 24/7 Wall St. reviews the chains with the biggest declines. Coupon Offers 80% Off

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Why Groupon Will Crush Most Group-Buying Clones

Many pundits lately have decried the Groupon model as easy to emulate, and predicted fierce competition from many new players, price wars and a race to the bottom in terms of commissions. Web industry watcher Alex Salkever used to believe that, too -- but not anymore. Here's why: coupon for 80% off

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Will a Family Feud Slice and Dice Benihana?

The Japanese-style steakhouse chain is famous for its whirring cutlery, flying meat and flaming piles of onion slices, but recently the excitement has spread from the dining room to the boardroom as a struggle for power threatens to put the company up for sale.

Breakfast Appetites Feed Restaurant Profits

U.S. restaurants' breakfast sales have been rising, while lunch and dinner counts have fallen, according to a recent report. So eateries are battling it out in the morning, especially over the item Americans are increasingly fond of -- the breakfast sandwich.

Domino's Reborn? New Recipe Helps Boost Sales

For a company that just a couple of months ago humbly admitted that its product was "lacking" and its pizza crust tasted like "cardboard," Domino's Pizza certainly seems to be feeling confident these days. The Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company is now boasting a whole new taste -- and some pretty impressive profit growth, as well.

White Castle Exec Sees Life from Behind the Grill

The latest episode of CBS's Undercover Boss featured Dave Rife, one of the owners of White Castle, posing as a trainee at several of the company's businesses. While the experience was aimed at giving Rife a firsthand look at life on the bottom rungs of the fast-food empire, it also shed light on some of the key aspects that separate White Castle from its competitors -- and a few of the problems that, sadly, don't.

Restaurant delivery can save you money

Eating out won't save you money, but getting a restaurant meal delivered to your home can by eliminating the other expenses that can come with dining...