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When the 'Daily Deal' Is No Deal at All

Everyone loves to save money, and group-buying websites like Groupon and LivingSocial make it seem so easy. But they also make it easy -- and very tempting -- to buy more than you need, things that you don't, and coupons you'll never redeem. But you can tame your group-buying habit.

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Why Groupon Will Crush Most Group-Buying Clones

Many pundits lately have decried the Groupon model as easy to emulate, and predicted fierce competition from many new players, price wars and a race to the bottom in terms of commissions. Web industry watcher Alex Salkever used to believe that, too -- but not anymore. Here's why: coupon for 80% off is selling its $25 restaurant gift certificates for $2 through Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010. The way it works is that the certs are normally...

Is Groupon Changing What We're Willing to Pay?

America is in a group buying frenzy. The rapidly growing craze sparked by website Groupon has spawned hundreds of clones and threatens to overwhelm people's e-mail boxes with Daily Deals. But businesses that use them risk resetting their customers' ideas of what a fair price is.

Restaurant snacks a bargain for diners

Have you noticed lately how the snacks section of a restaurant menu is getting bigger and bigger? The small-sized portions are apparently the hottest...