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Where Are All the Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures?

The residential real estate market is drowning in foreclosures, and the problem is broadening and worsening. Similar bad loans have been made in commercial real estate, so why isn't there a comparable flood of commercial foreclosures? Here's why.

Construction Sector Woes Worse Than Expected in July

The U.S. construction industry went from bad to worse in July, and then retroactively worse still. The Commerce Department announced Wednesday that spending in the sector fell a worse-than-expected 1% in July, and revised June's estimate downward from a 0.1% increase to an 0.8% decline.

Best and Worst Markets for Housing Investors

If you're hoping to pick up a housing bargain, Durham, N.C., and Huntsville, Ala., are good bets. That's according to a new report that ranks the best and worst markets for conservative residential real estate investors. Reno and Sparks, Nev., however, top the "worst" list.

Shaky Real Estate: Weak Housing Starts Rise in July

July housing starts inched up to 546,000, a lower-than-expected rate that's an increase on June only because the previous month's total was revised downwards. Housing starts are now 7% lower in the past year, despite the home buyer tax-credit program.

Underwater Homeowners:
This Could Get Ugly

Negative equity is linked to higher foreclosures. About a quarter of households with mortgages already owe more than their homes are worth. If prices slip further, up to half of homeowners may end up underwater -- a scary prospect for Americans' financial health.

Five Potential Potholes on Road to Recovery

News that business inventories and industrial production are rising suggests the U.S. economic recovery is on track. But unlike previous recessions, there are five potential "potholes" in the road ahead. Declining employment and increasing commercial real estate foreclosures are two possible biggies.