Midday Report: The Top 10 Companies by Reputation

We all love lists, and Harris Interactive is out with its annual ranking of companies with the best reputations. Here are the top ten, as well those companies that suffered the worst declines in image.

New Year Hurdles: Top 10 Challenges for CEOs in 2011

With the recession over -- in a sense, anyway -- some CEOs are just happy to still be standing. After three years of turmoil, there's even cautious optimism about the year ahead. But for those whose job is to steer a company to profits and growth, there are plenty of worries ahead. Here's our list of top CEO challenges for 2011.

These Days, a Good Reputation Is Everything

Some companies don't realize how important their reputations are until they're gone, but a new survey of corporate directors shows that reputational risk is their second biggest worry. It should be: As much as 70% of a company's value may rest on that one intangible asset.

Will BP's Oil Stain the Whole Industry?

Last month%u2019s oil rig explosion and subsequent spill in the Gulf of Mexico could likely leave BP with the legacy as the oil industry%u2019s "biggest polluter" while negatively affecting the entire industry's long-term profitability.

Goldman Shares Tumble As Image Takes Another Hit

Shares of Goldman Sachs got hammered on Friday as Wall Street finally woke up to the enormous reputational damage done to the franchise. This comes following reports that a criminal investigation was being considered.