You'll Hardly Believe the Things You Can Rent Today

Renting isn't just for apartments and cars anymore. Americans today are trying to save a few bucks by taking only temporary ownership (or, borrowership) of a whole new array of goods from designer handbags, rims to pimp their rides, iPhones, power tools and, yes, caskets.

Startup RentJuice Is Capitalizing on the Rise of Renter Nation

For years, the property management business has been stuck in the Dark Ages -- using faxes, paper ledgers and out-of-date spreadsheet software. But as the foreclosure crisis adds millions of people to the rental market, new startup RentJuice is aiming to bring property management into the Internet Age.

The Foreclosure Mess: Still a Threat to Renters

Despite new federal laws designed to protect them, many tenants are still finding themselves caught up in foreclosure dramas as building owners struggle to hold on to their properties. And if real estate market doesn't improve soon, the problem could get worse.

As Expected, Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy

Blockbuster Inc (BBICP) filed for bankruptcy as part of a plan to recapitalize the company and reduce its debt. The company filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, Blockbuster said in a statement.

Foreclosed home purchases made easy

Average Joe, seeking to save his house by getting a loan modification, knows that that process is about as easy as getting Congress to pass health...

Beware the overpayment scam

A reader asked about some folks answering a ad and offering to pay more rent than was advertised for. I hear this story over and over....

Free DVD rentals from RedBox

To me, the best Daily Deal is a free Daily Deal -- That's why I most recently wrote about Wal-Mart's free samples.Standing in line at a RedBox DVD...