Rallying REITs Could See 20% Returns in 2010

While the financial markets have pulled back significantly, real estate investment trusts have continued to show solid gains in 2010, and they have the potential to do even better by the end of the year.

Simon Property Group: A Mall REIT That Won't Quit

Despite the dire warnings about commercial real estate, REITs have been on a roll. And Simon Property Group -- one of the world's largest mall owners -- is now highly favored by some investors who see it as the big winner if economic rebound gains strength.

Four Rules for Tax-Efficient Investing

Taxes can be a big issue for investors: No one wants to make money on an investment only to have to give a major portion of it to Uncle Sam. So instead of asking politicians for a tax cut this year, investors may want give one to themselves by adopting some tax-efficient investment strategies.