4 Reasons Not to Wait to Use Your Gift Cards

A judge ruled last week that customers with unused Borders gift cards are not entitled to compensation. It's a good reminder that you should use or sell your cards right away.

The 4 Rules of Regifting: Etiquette Guru Explains When It's OK

Regifting: Lots of us do it, and many of us feel a bit guilty about it, even though polls show people are generally OK with receiving regifts. But does regifting really pass the holiday season etiquette test? We asked Jodi R.R. Smith of etiquette consultancy Mannersmith.

Today is National Regifting Day

Before heading out to the mall this weekend, look through the stack of unopened Christmas gifts from last year, because today is National Regifting...

Regifting Etiquette 101

With more Americans regifting this holiday season, we thought we'd have The Emily Post Institute's Anna Post weigh in on regifting etiquette. Here...

Regifting: The gift you keep giving

Leslie Lait immediately recognized the adorable, pale-blue, corduroy overalls she unwrapped at her baby shower. The infant-sized outfit with the tags...