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Wall St.'s Biggest Head-Scratchers

There was plenty of market news last week to stare blankly at, or scrunch up one's nose in disbelief at the sound of. Among the offending stories: HP's abrupt about-face on the TouchPad tablet; an unannounced rate hike from Redbox in Austin; wishful thinking from GameStop's CEO; and, of course, Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

Redbox Runover in the Works?

There's trouble brewing at Redbox: President Mitch Lowe has announced his resignation, and parent company Coinstar revised its second-quarter revenue outlook downward last week. Here are some key signs consumers and investors should watch to see if the Redbox business model (i.e. kiosk rental machines) is obsolete.

Redbox vs. Netflix: Streaming Game On

The ubiquitous Redbox video kiosk is about to land in the browser and Wall Street thinks that's a great idea. Coinstar (CSTR) executives announced during the company's earnings call Thursday that the spare change kiosk company's Redbox subsidiary planned to introduce a streaming video service in the near future as a complement to its physical location business. Red-hot Redbox has blanketed America with popular and handy $1 video rental kiosks that are particularly amenable to impulse rentals.

Why Blockbuster Went Bust While Netflix Flourished

It's easy to blame Blockbuster's collapse, which culminated Thursday in a voluntary Chapter 11 filing, on the rise of streaming Internet video and kiosk rental options. But Netflix faced the same threats and it's thriving. So what did Netflix do smarter than its bankrupt rival?