Social Recruiting: The Next Big Thing for Job Seekers

When it comes to finding your next employer, online job boards are out and social recruiting is in, says Robert McGovern, CEO of, a free website that enables job seekers to tap into private hiring networks. We chat with McGovern about the new era of online job hunting.

LinkedIn's IPO Is Another Step in the Social Takeover of the Web

When I first heard of LinkedIn as a tech reporter in the early 2000s, I dismissed it as a Friendster for business. Wrong. Since then, LinkedIn has proved to be a disrupter of the entire recruiting market. And its coming IPO shows just how vital social networking is becoming.

Google's Talent Drain: Why Its Best Brains Are Bolting

Watching which way the talent is flowing in Silicon Valley can tell investors a lot. Even if a big brain drain isn't a sure death knell for a major player, it can't be ignored. And during the last couple of years, a lot of talent has been draining out of Silicon Valley icon Google.

Recent Layoff Craze Is Making Hiring Harder Now

A new survey says U.S. employers%u2019 use of job cuts as a cost-saving measure in the wake of the economic crisis may now be preventing them from attracting top recruits as they try to rebound in the current sluggish economy.