Vegas Realty Crisis, Meet Reality TV: CNBC Flips Over Foreclosures

If America's subprime mortgage crisis was an earthquake, Las Vegas would be the epicenter: No U.S. city has suffered more. But all that devastation makes for great TV. Or at least CNBC hopes so, because it's mining that economic disaster for "Flipping Wars: Vegas."

Foreclosures Drop to 44-Month Low in July

Foreclosure monitoring firm Realtytrac's latest monthly report revealed that foreclosure activity dropped 35% from July of 2010 to last month -- the lowest in 44 months. But again, the company explained why the decrease is artificial.

As Foreclosures Rise, Consumer Spending Will Fall

Foreclosure activity picked up by 4% in June, and economic problems which include unemployment and falling homes prices will drive it relentlessly higher. That's bad news for homeowners, but the ripple effect from foreclosures goes beyond their immediate problems, and it will get much worse.

2010 Foreclosures by City: Las Vegas Still No. 1

Las Vegas topped the U.S. foreclosure list for 2010. And while foreclosure activity increased from 2009 in most of the nation's largest metropolitan areas, it actually decreased slightly in the worst hit cities.

Home Repossessions Dive Amid Foreclosure Freezes

The number of U.S. homes taken back by lenders dropped to the lowest level in 18 months in November, the result of foreclosure freezes enacted by several banks following allegations that evictions were handled improperly.