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Vegas Realty Crisis, Meet Reality TV: CNBC Flips Over Foreclosures

If America's subprime mortgage crisis was an earthquake, Las Vegas would be the epicenter: No U.S. city has suffered more. But all that devastation makes for great TV. Or at least CNBC hopes so, because it's mining that economic disaster for "Flipping Wars: Vegas."

'Fashion Star' Goes Instantly From Reality TV to Retail

NBC's design reality show Fashion Star wants viewers to vote -- with their wallets. The day after each episode, the line of that week's winning designer will be on sale at major retailers. Real fashions for real viewers to spend their real paychecks on. Clever -- but will it sell?

'Wall Street Wives' Gets Down to Business with Auditions

Devon Fleming's casting call for her planned reality TV series, "Wall Street Wives," attracted the media attention that producers relish, and hundreds of women responded. She allowed The Price of Fame to attend a recent audition, where we got a glimpse of the sort of drama the show might deliver.

When the SATs Confuse Reality TV with Reality

In an effort to be hip, the College Board asked one-third of SAT-takers this year to write an essay on whether reality TV shows are beneficial or harmful. That was a bad choice on multiple levels, and an excellent metaphor for much of what's wrong with the whole college admissions race.

In the New Gold Rush, Equipment Suppliers May Strike It Rich

The uncertain economy, high unemployment, and near record high prices for gold are luring droves of dreamers to the gold fields. But while some prospectors may find their fortunes, the biggest beneficiaries of the new gold rush will probably be the suppliers who support the intrepid ore-hunters.

Undercover Boss Steven Foster Rolls With the Punches

Steven Foster, CEO of upscale bowling chain Lucky Strike Entertainment, was hands down the most easy-going 'Undercover Boss' yet. The hit CBS reality show is still as phony as the toupee he had to wear, but the episode was fun, and Foster, who founded the Lucky Strike, doesn't need to prove anything to anybody.

On Undercover Boss, Bowling Exec Tries to Avoid the Gutter

On Sunday, Lucky Strike Lanes CEO Steven Foster will get a chance to show America how he rolls. The latest guest on CBS' hit show Undercover Boss, Foster will try his hand at the day-to-day tasks of running of the bowling alley chain that he created.

Chicago Cubs Exec Throws a Curve on Undercover Boss

One pervasive theme of CBS's "Undercover Boss" is that, under the surface, there isn't that much difference between executives and drones. This Sunday, however, promises an interesting confrontation as an American aristocrat meets the workers who keep his family business -- the Chicago Cubs -- afloat.

Undercover Boss Shows Airline CEO It Isn't All Blue Skies

On Sunday, Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford will take his turn on the CBS show "Undercover Boss," going incognito to attempt the dull and nasty jobs required to get an plane in the air and keep its passengers happy. No surprise, he'll discover how different the view is from the bottom.

Even Jerry Springer Makes Fun of The Jerry Springer Show

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Jerry Springer's impact on popular culture. But the godfather of reality entertainment understands why The Jerry Springer Show turns off many viewers: It's not his cup of tea either. The talk show is just his job, but his passion remains politics.

This 'Undercover Boss' Went Too Far to Be Believed

Until now, the hig reality-TV show was a harmless diversion. But yesterday's episode featuring Kimberly Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolf Resorts, required viewers not just to suspend their common sense but to obliterate it completely.

Discovery sues Deadliest Catch duo

Discovery Channel is suing two Deadliest Catch stars, Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand from the "Time Bandit" fishing boat, for $3 million for allegedly...

Sex in the Media: Troubling Links to Teens Found

A new report by the American Association of Pediatrics makes a direct link between sexual imagery in the media and increased teen pregnancy risks and exposure to such programming may also contribute to higher rates of sexually transmitted infections.

1-800-Flowers' Undercover Boss Learns a Lesson

CBS's hit reality show "Undercover Boss" often features down-and-out employees whose personal stories eclipse the real problems occurring within the company. At times, these episodes seem contrived, but Sunday's episode, which featured Chris McCann, the president of 1-800 Flowers, is the exception.

Will Jamie Oliver Put Fast Food on the Run?

Streetwise British chef Jamie Oliver is shaking up America's ideas of what foods are worth eating and feeding to schoolkids with his Food Revolution show set in one of the country's unhealthiest cities. The reality TV show hits home for many kids and parents watching and has set food bloggers a-twitter. Are processed food makers paying attention?

Dumb Moves at Fox's
Our Little Genius?

The Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether producers for a Fox game show called Our Little Genius fed trivia answers to young contestants. If the allegations are found true, it would be a near-inevitable consequence of the way televised fiction and non-fiction have melted into each other over the last few years.