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Can Comcast Cope With All the Cable Cord-Cutters?

Don't look now, but the cord-cutting trend continues for Comcast. Though the country's largest cable provider tried to mask its woes with upbeat spin in its quarterly report, Comcast is serving 577,000 fewer households than it was a year ago.

Inflation Could Be a Lot Higher Than We Think

The Fed's next consumer price report out Thursday is likely to show a scant 0.3% rate in January. So why does it feel like prices everywhere are climbing noticeably? A different way of measuring inflation from MIT's Billion Prices Project provides an answer.

Why Gold Has Been Knocked Off Its Highs

Friday's action notwithstanding, in which gold prices rose as the stock market sold off, safe-haven assets are suffering at the expensive of equities and other riskier assets. That's what happens when the global economy appears to be picking up steam.

Fed Not Ready to Raise Rates Anytime Soon

With the economic recovery still on fragile ground, crippled by a 10 percent unemployment rate, Ben Bernanke reaffirms the Federal Reserve's position to hold the brakes on a key interest rate for the foreseeable future.