Sirius XM Radio Bears Out

The exchanges provided the market with fresh data on short interest yesterday afternoon, and apparently a lot of people are betting against...

Can Pandora Fend off iTunes Radio?

Six months ago, Apple busted into the radio streaming space bent on dominating the segment just as it has digital music downloads. iTunes...

Pandora Mobilizes to Lead the Music Industry

Internet radio pioneer Pandora Media continues to make big strides in popularizing streaming audio. Revenue in its latest quarter skyrocketed 51%, in large part due to its success at making money in mobile.

Is YouTube the New Radio?

Teens aren't consuming music the way that their parents do -- and it's not just the usual taste-related generation gap. An eye-opening Nielsen survey shows that teens are relying on YouTube to supply their tunes more than any other medium.

Pandora IPO: Not Yet
A Sirius Threat

While many people consider Pandora and Sirius to be direct competitors, they have very different business models and plenty of room for growth in their core businesses. Stock analysis firm Trefis explains that Pandora's popularity rides off its "free" and customizable services while Sirius's major selling point is ad-free content.

Dr. Laura to Leave Radio Show Following N-Word Controversy

Radio advice guru Laura Schlessinger - better known as Dr Laura - plans to leave her program at the end of the year after her controversial use of the N-word on the air. Schlessinger sparked off controversy last week when doling out advice to a caller who asking what to do about racial comments made by relatives. Schlessinger suggested the caller was "hypersensitive", noting that many African-Americans regularly use the same racial epithet that they find offensive when it comes from non-blacks.

Air America Shuts Down, Citing Economy

Air America is bankrupt, and this time it looks like it will be for good. The liberal talk-radio network, founded in 2004 to serve as a counterbalance to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, is shutting down all operations and filing for Chapter 7.

Citadel Declares Chapter 11

Faced with the likelihood of breaching its financial covenants, Citadel Broadcasting -- which syndicates several popular broadcasters, such as Don Imus -- took the initiative Sunday and filed for bankruptcy protection. That will let the radio broadcaster get out from under most of its $2.5 billion debt.