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How to Go Farther on Less Fuel

Two weeks ago, DailyFinance asked our readers for their advice on how to save money at the pump. In the more than 1,500 responses that followed, we found a lot of creative solutions. Today, we look at maintenance and new-vehicle options that will help you go farther on less fuel.

Unique Financing Keeps Airport Rail Link on Track

Work is moving forward on a new light rail link from downtown Denver to its airport, backed by an unusual combination of federal loans and private investment. The project will create thousands of jobs, and add a much-needed public transit option for reaching the nation's fifth-busiest airport.

High gas prices are good? Shut up!

I found this ridiculous piece on MarketWatch about why people should be happy that gas prices are high and going higher. Using oil is apparently an...

Green light to the highest bidder?

The hard thing about writing comedy is that it all too often loses its punch by becoming reality. A few weeks ago, I joked that governments could...