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America's 10 Most Hated Industries

Americans are not happy with the government. But for the first time in a long while, it is not the most hated industry in the country. That honor now belongs to the oil and gas industry as a result of climbing prices at the pumps and the BP oil spill still fresh in many people%u2019s minds.

How Americans Earn Extra Money on the Side

With unemployment high, wages stagnant and costs rising, a growing number of Americans are working a part time job -- or more than one -- to make ends meet. 24/7 Wall St. dug through the data to see which industries are the best bets for those seeking part-time work -- and some may surprise you.

Is Mark Zuckerberg's $100 Million Gift a PR Stunt?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to Newark's public schools has drawn praise, but also questions about its timing: He'll announce the gift on Oprah tomorrow, the same day as the premiere of a new film that portrays the young billionaire in a negative light.

Five Years After Katrina, New Orleans Tourism Rebounds

Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina five years ago, New Orleans saw the number of visitors to the city evaporate. New Orleans' $5 billion tourism industry slowly recovered, however, and is now once again approaching pre-Katrina visitor levels.

HP Board Blindsided by PR Campaign on Hurd's Behalf

The board of Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ) was blindsided by the public relations campaign waged on behalf of former CEO Mark Hurd, who resigned last week over alleged ethics violations. Hurd, who collected a $12.2 million cash payment as part of his separation, hired Los Angeles-based public relations firm Sitrick & Co. days before quitting, The Wall Street Journal reported without naming its sources. Sitrick is known for handing crisis communications for big names such as celebrity Paris Hilton.

How Past Environmental Disasters Changed America

Corporate disasters can lead to unprecedented changes in the way business and government operates. For example, the massive 1969 oil spill off Santa Barbara, Calif., helped give birth to the environmental movement.

BP's Hayward: The Wrong CEO for
the Job Now

Before the sinking of the BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, BP's CEO Tony Hayward's often blunt and honest commentary was considered an asset. But now that he's regularly hitting the airwaves regarding BP's clean-up efforts in the Gulf, his off-the-cuff style is seen as anything but an asset.

Warren Buffett: Not Just a Shrewd Investor, He's Also a PR Genius

Warren Buffett, known as an investment genius, is little noted for his PR skills: He's the Teflon titan that attracts little whiff of scandal. He's managed to run with ethics-challenged Wall Street icons Salomon Bros. and Goldman Sachs, only to emerge ever richer, with his reputation intact.

Toyota Needs to Move Fast to Save Brand

Crisis management experts say the time is now for Toyota to do everything possible to reassure the public that it's fixing the problems -- and that consumers should not lose faith in the carmaker's reputation for quality. But the company has miles to go to get to that point.

Finder's Fee or Bribe? A Study in Blogger Ethics

Blogging as a form of journalism is new enough that the ethics of it are still being worked out. And blog ethics can be a particularly treacherous area for those who wander into it unawares -- as New York City publicity executive Katherine Rothman, CEO of KMR Communications, did last week.