Will Nintendo's New Touchpad Controller Win Back Gamers?

Ahead of the E3 conference, Nintendo has unveiled a new controller that it hopes will revolutionize the way video games are played: the Wii U GamePad, with both traditional controls and a touchscreen. Can it revive Nintendo's fortunes?

'Zumba Fitness' Maker Majesco Hits the Wall

Suddenly, Majesco Entertainment isn't living up to its COOL ticker symbol. Shares of the video game developer and publisher got crushed on Tuesday after it surprised the markets by following its previous three blowout quarters with a loss for Q4.

Before You Buy a New Gaming System, Read This

Video gamers know from hard experience that price cuts can be painful for early adopters. Before you consider purchasing a Sony PS3, a Microsoft Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii or 3DS, or the new handheld Sony Vita, consider the following analyses.

Nintendo to Launch 3-D Game Device

Nintendo will release its 3-D gaming device in Japan in February of next year, with a March release date for the U.S. and Europe. Will gamers buy the 3-D devices? The jury is still out.

Valuable Freebies From Big Companies

Used predominantly as a marketing technique, free products and services come at a cost to the company offering them. Here are eight valuable freebies, what it costs companies to offer the deal and how much the customer actually receives in terms of value.

Sony Cuts Price in Latest Round of E-Reader Wars

Sony has slashed the price of its Daily Edition e-reader to $299.99 from $349.99, following similar price cuts to Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. Can any of these companies really make money at the reduced price levels?

Nintendo Raises the Stakes

Nintendo plans to widen its advantage over the competition by launching a new version of the Wii in a package that will include accessories that it used to charge separately for.

Awful Guidance for Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (ERTS), the largest video game maker in the U.S., released new guidance on December 10, and the numbers were awful. GAAP sales for its fiscal 2010, which ends in March, will be well below its November forecasts.

Nintendo Wii Sales Soar

Sales of the Nintendo Wii console hit 3 million last month in U.S. compared with 2.14 million in the same month in 2008.

Sony's Risky Bet on Online Services

CEO Howard Stringer has come up with yet another plan to reinvent his company: a service to move his movie and music content to his game consoles and portable electronics devices like the Walkman. It faces two big problems

Sony's major miss on profit targets

Sony (SNE) held its investor and analyst meeting on November 19th. Tucked among the presentation materials was information about the company's new...

No relief for Sony

Sony (SNE) posted another horrible quarter. Revenue dropped 19 percent to $16.7 billion and the consumer electronics and entertainment company had a...

Electronic Arts moves outside the box

Video games played on consoles from Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) are not selling very well. The economy is slow and even sales of the consoles...