iPad 2 Prototype Pops Up at Launch of The Daily

News Corp's launch of The Daily, its highly-touted online newspaper designed for the iPad, apparently featured more than just the latest stories out of Egypt. The publication's debut was shown on an unreleased version of Apple's iPad featuring dual front- and rear-facing cameras.

Tesla Preparing to Ship Electric Car Prototypes to Toyota

Toyota Motor's recent $50 million investment in electric-car upstart Tesla Motors is already paying dividends. Tesla reportedly will ship two prototypes, based on Toyota's RAV4 sport utility vehicle and Lexus RX crossover, to the Japanese automaker later this month.

What's the Legal Value of That Lost -- or Stolen -- iPhone, Anyway?

There are plenty of legal ambiguities surrounding's purchase of an iPhone prototype misplaced by an Apple employee, an event that's made no end of news this past week. Here's a fresh one: If the phone is determined to be stolen property, what, exactly, is the worth of that property?