The Ten States that Profit Most from Sin

As state budgets strain under huge debt loads, they are counting increasingly on "sin taxes," one of the few reliable sources of revenue in these uncertain economic times.

State AGs Want Craigslist's Adult Section Closed

Craigslist received a joint letter from 17 state attorneys general demanding that its adult services ad section be shut down immediately. It's the states' latest move against a part of the site that allegedly touts prostitution and child trafficking.

Despite Crackdown, Craigslist's Sex Ads Are Thriving

Craigslist has provided the sex industry a clearinghouse to advertise and connect. Attorneys General from across the country have worked with Craigslist to clean up the site, but with relatively little success. Now Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has subpoenaed the company to see exactly what it is (or is not) doing to deliver on its promises.

Why do men pay for sex?

In the midst of the recent Spitzer scandal, my wife asked me a particularly interesting question. During a discussion of the Governor's dual life,...