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Dangerous Toys: What to Leave Off Your 2011 Gift List

Safety standards for toys have been in place for decades, but this year's Trouble in Toyland report from U.S. PIRG reveals that some new toys still hold hidden risks. What should you avoid to protect your child from toxic chemicals and choking hazards? Read on...

General Motors Sales Rise 11.5% in February

GM says its monthly gain would have been even higher if its four jettisoned brands were excluded. And it cited wintry weather as a constraint on sales. All is not well, however: GM also announced a recall of 1.3 million Cobalts for faulty steering.

Why Didn't the Auto Press Catch Toyota's Problems?

Toyota's (TM) reputation, of course, lies in ruins, thanks to a worldwide recall of more than 8 million vehicles for stuck accelerator pedals and assorted other issues. The automaker estimates that the recalls will cost it $2 billion through March, a figure that strikes some as conservative. In Congress today, the head of Toyota Motor U.S. operations apologized for how the company handled the safety issue. Some Camrys from 2007-10 were among the affected models. Changing Car and Driver's ratings now isn't practical since the guide has already gone to print, Alterman says. Car and Driver was hardly alone in heaping praise on Toyota. A Motor Trend video of the 2009 Camry said there was little new to say about the best-se

The Toyota Hearings: What Congress Wants to Know

A small parade of witnesses will take the stand Wednesday during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's hearing on the Toyota recalls, but the real focus of the day will be on one man: CEO Akio Toyoda.