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New List Reveals the 1,000 Highest-Paid Federal Employees

WikiOrgCharts has put a spotlight on the 1,000 most highly paid federal civil servants. It's a list heavy on doctors, lawyers and bankers, many of whom would do far better in the private sector, which puts an interesting spin into the debate about whether government employees are overpaid.

The Sorry State of America's Wage Earners

Everyone knows that the typical American household has been running in place or falling behind financially, thanks to stagnant wages and rising prices. But a new study from the the Economic Policy Institute shows that the problem has been endemic not for years, but for decades.

Private Sector Jobs Jumped Again in February

Private employers added a much-better-than-expected 217,000 jobs in February, ADP has reported. That's the fifth straight month of significant job gains in the private sector and another sign that the U.S. labor market continues to slowly heal.

State Governments Are Just Adding to Labor's Woes

American labor unions have been in decline for a half-century now -- and, currently, virtually the only large unions still growing are those in the public sector. Until now. Cash-strapped states are attacking unions where it hurts by trying to strip them of the right to collectively bargain.

Another Strong Showing for Private Sector Jobs

Private employers added 187,000 jobs in January, ADP announced Wednesday, 47,000 more then economists had predicted. That marks the fourth straight month of significant job gains -- a trend that suggests the U.S. labor market is recovering.

Private Sector Jobs Jumped by 297,000 in December

The total was nearly triple what economists were expecting. It's only one month's data, and it's too soon to call it a hiring boom. However, the report offers more hope and some evidence that the nation's long job drought is ending.

Private Employers Added 93,000 Jobs in November

ADP reported the biggest private sector job gain in three years, and it revised October's total to 82,000 -- nearly double the initial estimate. A retrenchment is always possible, but it now appears that the long period of job losses is ending.

October's 151,000 New Jobs Provide Some Hope

The hard-hit U.S. job market may be starting to rebound. For the first time in five months, in October the economy added jobs, posting an overall increase of 151,000 -- and 159,000 in the private sector. The official unemployment rate, however, remained stuck at 9.6%.

Services Lead Job Growth in September

The long period of large monthly losses appears to be ending, as the private sector added 43,000 jobs in October, according to ADP's latest report. And September's job loss was greatly revised, from an initial estimate of 39,000 down to just 2,000.

The Private Sector Lost 39,000 Jobs in September

ADP said jobs were cut across the board in September, providing further proof that the economy slowed in mid-2010. The lone bright spot in the September report was an upward revision to the August total, to a gain of 10,000.

More Jobs Added Than Expected in August

The U.S. economy lost only 54,000 jobs in August -- less than had been expected -- while the private sector added a greater than predicted 67,000 jobs. Meanwhile, job loss totals for June and July were revised substantially downward.

ADP Reports 10,000 Private Sector Job Cuts in August

U.S. employment suffered another setback as the private sector unexpectedly cut 10,000 jobs in August, ADP announced Wednesday. A Bloomberg survey had forecast that private employers would add 17,000 jobs in the month

U.S. Job Market Suffers Another Bruising Month

With nation stuck in job drought -- adding just 71,000 new private sector jobs -- more pressure will be on the Federal Reserve to do what it can to stimulate an economy that's operating well below its potential. One puzzle: How to create jobs in a period of soaring productivity?

ADP: Private Sector Jobs Rose by 42,000 in July

The job market got a modicum of good news today with ADP's July report that beat the expected increase of 35,000 new jobs. July marks the sixth straight month of private sector additions, but at a rather slack pace, averaging only 37,000 jobs per month.

June's Jobs Report Could Have Been Even Worse

Overall, 125,000 U.S. jobs were lost last month, primarily due to the Census ending 225,000 temporary positions. Private sector of 83,000 was better than in May, but it's still pretty weak for this point in a recovery.

Private Sector Hiring Was Anemic in June

Employment just can't get cranked up: ADP reports that the private sector added a scant 13,000 jobs in June, well below expectations. Ominously, the firm notes that "private employment may have decelerated heading into summer."