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9 Ways to Live Large for Less

Is your idea of luxury staying in a castle, flying in a private jet or having a personal chef? There are ways an Average Joe can afford such splurges.

Measuring Rich People's Toys Against Average Incomes

The gap between America's super-wealthy and the rest of us has grown so vast it's hard to even comprehend the sums they spend on their luxuries. But if you measure, say, a $200 million luxury yacht in terms of the average U.S. family's household income, the picture comes back into focus.

Berkshire's NetJets Buys Marquis Jet

NetJets, a private aviation company selling fractional ownership in its planes, announced Thursday that it would buy Marquis Jet, a private jet cards company that sells the use of NetJets's planes in 25-hour blocks. Marquis Jet becomes a subsidiary of NetJets, itself owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

GOP Leaders Fire Aide Over $2000 Spent on Racy Club

The Republican National Committee spent about $30,000 on limos, private hotels and jets in February alone. The revelations are either baffling or predictable after the public outrage over the perceived excesses of Wall Street executives.