privacy violations

South Korea Accuses Google of Privacy Violations

Google continues to face troubles over its inadvertent collection of personal data while mapping its "Street View." The latest country to accuse the company of privacy violations is South Korea.

Google Finds Supporter in Germany on Privacy Debate

Despite an onslaught of criticism in Germany over its controversial Street View service, Google has found a sympathetic ear as the German government prepares to address the issue of data regulation and privacy this winter. Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who hosted a meeting of German officials and Internet company representatives, is seeking a middle ground between the two parties.

Google's Street View Banned in Czech Republic

Google's controversial Street View service, which has raised privacy concerns in countries around the world, got the heave-ho from the Czech Republic Tuesday after failing to file for the proper registration to operate in that country.

Is Google Interested in Quicksee for Street View?

Google has set its sights on Quicksee, looking to add an interactive, virtual tour type of feature to its controversial Google Street View service. Will such a deal add to users' privacy concerns?