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Presidential Debate Preview: What They'll Say About Obamacare

Wednesday's first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is being hyped as an epic battle: More likely, it'll be a highly scripted rehash of well-worn talking points. But if real drama does occurs, one likely flashpoint will be health care reform.

Cancer Patient's Tweets Shame Insurer Into Paying Medical Bills

Arizona State University grad student Arijit Guha was shocked when his health insurance provider, Aetna, stopped paying for his cancer treatment. But a clever social media campaign that ended in a Twitter conversation with Aetna's CEO has set matters right.

How Health Care Reform Law Will Boost the Economy

Forget that the health care reform act will help individuals and strengthen the social safety net. All the propaganda against the reform law is concealing one of the best business arguments in favor of it: The benefits portability it creates will drive faster U.S. economic growth.

State of the Union: Obama Eager to Fix Health Reform Law

In his State of the Union address, President Obama didn't shy away from tackling the ongoing questions about the health care reform law head on. And though he opened with a joke, he made it clear that while he's serious about repairing any flaws in the law, repeal is not an option.

Healthcare reform kicks in Thursday

Good or bad, some of the first fruits of healthcare reform arrive on September 23. For many families, the immediate results could be more freedom to...

A black hole in health insurance

At 63, Billie Hoke is two years and a ton of worry away from the health care goal line. She will have to wait until 2011 to join the millions of...

Health reform and one man's struggle

Health care reform means more than wonk talk to Jeremiah Hansen Hansen, 28, has no health insurance. He worked for years as a waiter, but the...