Penthouse Publisher Files for Bankruptcy

FriendFinder Networks, publisher of Penthouse and owner of numerous adult websites, files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, after losing money for at least five years.

Twitter Hacked in Massive Malicious Tweet Attack

Think twice about tweeting Tuesday. A vulnerability on the web site is infecting users who only mouse over malicious tweets, even if they don't crack them open, according to security experts.

Apple's New Guidelines Mean App-solutely Nothing

After much criticism, Apple has published new guidelines to help developers know what sort of apps are likely to get approved or rejected. Sounds good. But if anything, they make matters only more confusing.

Amy Fisher to Produce, Star in Adult Movies

Amy Fisher, known as the "Long Island Lolita", launched an adult production company, and plans to produce as well as star in adult movies. "Our society loves sex," said Fisher in a statement, according to CNBC. "Sex is beautiful, powerful, and simply put, no one has the right to tell me what I can or can not do with my own private parts."

Legal Briefing: Court Gives the OK for 'Indecency' on TV

When the FCC decided in 2004 to start fining broadcasters over the use of fleeting expletives, the agency became a caricature of a state censor. Now, the Second Circuit has ruled that the 'indecency' policy was unconstitutionally vague. So what's next for dirty words?

Even Porn Stars Get the Recession Blues

In 2006, porn DVD sales had hit nearly $4.3 billion, and online was good for another $1.5 billion. Today, the industry is suffering, as reflected in the annual Adult Entertainment Expo, currently underway in Las Vegas.

Judge nixes mandatory condoms in porn flicks

The porn business is going to keep its elbow room. A petition by an AIDS advocacy group to require that adult film companies use condoms when shooting movies has been denied by a Los Angeles judge.

Porn Titan Buying Playboy Shares

Playboy Enterprises Inc. (PLA), whose shares tanked Wednesday after a planned sale of the adult media empire collapsed, has one of porn's biggest executives in its corner. Bill Asher, the co-chief executive of the world's largest adult video producer, Vivid Entertainment Group, tells DailyFinance that he now owns 1 million shares of the company of the company Hugh Hefner founded more than 50 years ago.

The Deal to Save Playboy Collapses

Time may be running out for Playboy Enterprises. A deal has fallen apart to sell the publisher of the iconic men's magazine to Iconix Brand Group, owner of London Fog and Danskin. Iconix determined that "it would be too complicated to separate the Playboy brand from the company's other assets."

Porn industry wants a bailout

Banks, automakers and the porn industry. They don't sound like they go together, but they will if some leaders in the adult entertainment business...