IBM Capitalizes on a Need to Make Cities Smarter

Last week, IBM announced its Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities, aimed at providing in one easy package a software platform for cities to use in monitoring and managing city resources. Trefis sees this as a potentially huge boost IBM's lucrative middleware business.

Walgreen CFO Charged with Drunk Driving ... Again

Walgreen Chief Financial Officer Wade Miquelon was arrested on drunk driving charges last month -- his second such arrest in a little more than a year. The drugstore chain calls it a personal matter, but when it comes to executives, when does personal irresponsibility become a corporate problem?

Mailman delivering drugs?

Talk about a personal delivery! Gloucester, Mass. police say US Postal Service worker Stephen Hale, 30, sold OxyContin while on his mail delivery...

Shrinking Budgets Plague Police and Fire Departments

Police and fire departments nationwide are getting hit hard by city budget cuts as federal funds dry up -- resulting in layoffs, salary cuts or freezes and pared benefits. The public remains adamantly opposed to tax increases, even for services that protect them.

Cocaine user demands consumer rights

digg_url='http://digg.com/people/Man_calls_cops_when_dealer_doesn_t_deliver_his_cocaine'; Just when you think there's nothing dumb left to report,...

What to do when you get pulled over

Back in February Tom Barlow covered 40 ways to avoid a traffic ticket which provided some great tips relating to preparation, driving, and what to do...