Three Brands We're Rooting For

The retail landscape is littered with names that are no more. Stores we shopped at as children, or for our children; stores we loved; and even stores...

Against All Odds, Polaroid Film
Is Back

Their plan seemed so unlikely that they named their company The Impossible Project. But somehow, they took a nearly defunct technology and brought instant film for Polaroid cameras back from the grave, and starting Thursday, the first new Polaroid film in two years goes on sale.

Polaroid Teams Up With Lady Gaga

Polaroid is teaming up with what, at first, may seem like a strange bedfellow: Lady Gaga. While details aren't clear yet on what this budding relationship will entail, the company said the singer will be "creative director" for "a specialty line of Polaroid Imaging products." She will also be making personal appearances to promote the brand.

Polaroid magic is coming to an end

I remember the days when Polaroid cameras were the hottest thing. We didn't have one, but on occasion at a gathering of family and friends, someone...