8 Tax Breaks Expiring at the End of 2013

April 15 may seem like a long way off, but with a little planning before the end of the year, you could take advantage of tax breaks to help you lower your tax bill.

15 Kinds of Insurance You May Not Need

It's bad enough that we fork over gobs of money for all kinds of necessities, such as our mortgage payments, groceries, gas, and electricity. But it's a real shame when we fork over dollars needlessly, buying things we don't need -- like many kinds of insurance.

How to Raise Your Odds of Getting a Mortgage

It doesn't look like the housing market will come roaring back anytime soon, but with historically low interest rates, now's a good time to buy. The hard part is that banks in the post-bubble era are notoriously stingy with that cheap money, so figuring out how to get a smile out of a mortgage lender is task No. 1.

Week in Preview: Unemployment, Home Prices and the Fed

Black Friday has come and gone and the holiday shopping season is off and running. In addition to keeping on eye on how retailers are doing, there will be plenty of economic data for analysts and investors to peruse on this week. Highlights include new numbers on manufacturing, employment and new vehicle sales.

China's Rising PMI Is Good News for Exporters

Asian markets were mixed Wednesday. In Japan the Nikkei 225 Index climbed 1.2% to 8,927 and in Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index added 0.4% to 20,624. China's Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.6% to close at 2,623.

China Admits Its Economy Faces Challenges

In comments posted on China's Central Government website, Premier Wen Jiabao warned that China's economy is facing mounting difficulties as a result of the international financial crisis and the unpredictable nature of the global economic recovery.