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In New Jersey, Tax-Free Breast Implants

Starting in July of 2013, New Jersey residents getting botox injections, breast implants, and other various nips and tucks will be able to get the procedures tax-free thanks to a bill signed today by Governor Chris Christie.

Cosmetic Surgery: Are the Payoffs Worth the Price?

Despite the recession, the cosmetic procedure industry has continued to grow across the board, with injectables creating a whole new business line in the industry of youthful appearance. But what do patients really get out of these procedures -- and are they worth the money?

Don't Pay for Your Nose Job with Plastic

When it comes to the out-of-pocket cost of medical procedures, several financial services companies -- not to mention health care providers themselves -- are willing to offer lines of credit. But patient beware: Plunking down your credit card to pay for any major medical expense, cosmetic or otherwise, can leave your finances with some pretty ugly scars.

Lipodissolve called unsafe by FDA

Afraid of surgery but want to get rid of that fat around your arms? Well, forget about lipodissolve, a procedure touted as the nonsurgical answer to...

Heidi Montag: Big bucks for a new bod

Heidi Montag is looking for a new body and she is willing to pay big bucks to get it. Reportedly, she had 10 procedures done in the month of November...

Cosmetic surgery on a budget

Sometimes frugality takes a backseat to vanity. Despite unemployment hovering close to 10%, people are still willing to open their wallets for...

Botox use declines with the economy

In the fourth quarter of 2008, sales of Botox fell by 3% compared with the same period in 2007.According to The New York Times, Botox is less...