McDonald's Works to Take Animal Cruelty off the Menu

McDonald's has finally caught up with consumer sentiment on the subject of factory farming and the inhumane treatment of animals. The fast food giant is using its massive leverage to push its pork suppliers to phase out cruelly confining gestation crates for their pigs.

McDonald's McRib's Deep, Dark Secret: Animal Cruelty

McDonald's reintroduction of the McRib sandwich has made news headlines and mouths water. However, the fans eagerly awaiting the limited-time opportunity to wolf down McRibs may not realize that McDonald's pork products contain a secret, unappetizing ingredient: pain.

Smithfield Foods Brings Home the Bacon

Smithfield Foods reported stronger results for its fiscal first quarter Wednesday as costs fell and sales rose. Net income at Smithfield for the period that ended Aug. 1 was $76.3 million compared to a loss of $107.7 million a year earlier, which beat analysts' expectations.

Pig farmers are natural hams

If you haven't heard,the National Pig Association in England has been taking some rather drastic measures to call attention to the plight of the pork...