Madoff Trustee Sues HSBC for $9 Billion

Irving Picard, the trustee seeking money for victims of the Bernie Madoff scam, is suing HSBC Holdings (HBC) and feeder funds for at least $9 billion. Picard said that HSBC and a network of funds in Europe, the Caribbean and Central America sent Madoff more than $8.9 billion in business while ignoring indications that he was engaged in fraud, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Madoff No More: Daughter-in-Law Seeks Name Change

Stephanie Madoff doesn't want her children to have to live with the embarrassment and risk of carrying her father-in-law's tarnished surname: She has filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court to change her last name, and that of her two children, to Morgan.

Ruth Madoff put on a spending leash

Imagine facing the hassle of having to report everything you spend over $100 to a federal bankruptcy judge. That's exactly what Ruth Madoff will have...

Feds investigate some Madoff victims

Federal investigators of the Madoff ponzi scheme expanded their criminal investigations to include some high profile investors who may have known...