Kodak Loses Early Ruling in Patent Dispute with Apple and RIM

Kodak has accused Apple and Research in Motion of infringing on one of its digital-imaging patents with the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. But the International Trade Commission in Washington has ruled against Kodak in a preliminary decision.

Microsoft Unveils New Line of Smartphones

Microsoft unveiled a new line of Windows-based smartphones today. The new phones, from handset makers including Samsung (SSNHY), LG (LGLD) and HTC (HTCXF), will be available with AT&T (T) coverage starting next month, Reuters reported.

White iPhone 4 Won't Be Ready Until Later This Year

Apple (AAPL) says the iPhone 4 won%u2019t be available in white until later this year. The product is proving "more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected," Apple said today in a statement.

How Google Voice saved the day

On Thursday I left my phone on the nightstand. After sharing this fact with friends a few wished me the comfort of a phone-free day but the rest...

Why the iPhone needs competition

Traditionally, when you went to purchase a cell phone you had a few features to compare but it all boiled down to the price of the phone, price of...

Verizon mulls $5 phone line offer

Getting rid of landlines and going mobile-only is a popular choice for people -- especially young singles -- who are looking to cut costs.Verizon...

FREE! Uniden 2.4GHz Cordless Phone

I've never heard of Uniden but then again, what do you expect in a free cordless phone? Regularly priced at $24.95, Circuit City is offering the...