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'I Was Scammed by Phone Crammers': True Stories

Cramming: It's a multibillion dollar con that cheats millions of Americans every year. But because it uses small charges, hidden as deceptively legit sounding fees embedded on phone bills, victims may not notice for months or years. DailyFinance's readers talk about how they got scammed -- and how they fought back.

Skype's New CEO Has a Tough Job Ahead of Him

It's obvious why Tony Bates, the incoming CEO of Skype, was tapped for the gig: The upstart communications company needs a serious player at the helm to help it crack the corporate market. But solving the many problems of wild child Skype won't be easy for the ex-Cisco executive.

Telecom Giant Telefonica Buys Full Control of Brasilcel

Telefonica's months-long effort to acquire a controlling stake in Brazil's leading mobile phone company, Vivo, has ended with the Spanish telecom giant ponying up nearly $9.75 billion to acquire full ownership in Brasilcel, which owns 60% of Vivo, from Portugal Telecom.