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4 Modern Conveniences That Can Put Your Money at Risk

During National Consumer Protection Week, government agencies and nonprofits are offering tips to protect our money and our identities. And we're especially vulnerable in our everyday transactions -- whether it's tapping the ATM or logging into the Internet from our favorite coffee shop.

Phony $1,000 Target Gift Card is the Scam of the Year

A fake contest for a $1,000 Target gift card has been declared 2012's "Scam of the Year" by online complaint resolution platform Scambook. Most victims of this "smishing" con haven't lost any money - yet. But the bad news for those who fell for it is, the trouble has only just begun.

Tech Companies Team Up to Combat Email Scams

Google, Facebook and other big tech companies are jointly designing a system for combating email scams known as phishing. Such scams try to trick people into giving away passwords and other personal information by sending emails that look as if they come from a legitimate bank, retailer or other business.

Texting Scam Targets Jobless

A texting scam aimed at the unemployed tells them to call a telephone number for assistance with unemployment paperwork. When consumers call, they're...