pew research

Growing Public Support for Tax Package

Gallup, Pew Center and Washington Post/ABC News surveys all showed that Americans, for the most part, support the tax package approved by the Senate on Wednesday.

Poll: Americans Split on Control of Congress

Americans are evenly split on which political party should control Congress, while about a third of likely voters are apathetic, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Monday.

Pollsters Getting Worried About Cell Phone Users

Americans are increasingly dropping their landlines for cell phones, making it tougher for pollsters to get a good read on public opinion. That's because surveying people via cell phones raises a range of cost, legal and ethical issues.

Can Digital-Age Teens Still Talk to Analog Parents?

With social networking transforming the way people relate to each other, some fear technology "generation gaps" are increasing. Yet just as Mick Jagger's lips didn't end Western Civilization, I argue that texting, twittering and blogging will only increase connections between people and generations.

As unemployment rises, we nap more

Among the results of a Pew Research Center survey on napping, released Wednesday, is this illuminating factoid: the unemployed are more likely to nap...