Penthouse Publisher Files for Bankruptcy

FriendFinder Networks, publisher of Penthouse and owner of numerous adult websites, files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, after losing money for at least five years.

'Penthouse' Founder Bob Guccione Dies at 79

Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse magazine, died Wednesday at the age of 79. Guccione died at Plano Specialty Hospital after a long battle with cancer, The Associated Press said.

With Playboy in Play, How High Will the Bids Go?

Hugh Hefner's offer to buy all of Playboy Enterprises and take it private may look like a slam-dunk because he already owns so much of it. Not so. Some big shareholders say it's a low-ball bid, and already FriendFinder has made a higher offer.

Playboy Going Private: What Took Hugh Hefner So Long?

Taking Playboy Enterprises private could put the company and its valuable brand back on a path to growth while allowing Hefner to select his successor. Says one analyst: "There's really no upside to being public for them."

Penthouse IPO Is Another Naked Gamble

FriendFinder Network, formerly known as Penthouse, needs money fast. The weight of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt has prompted it to turn to public capital markets. It%u2019s a desperate move -- in fact, the same move the company made a year ago under the same circumstances.

$3 million L.A. penthouse sells

At least there's some movement in the housing market, as evidenced by a penthouse in downtown Los Angeles selling for $3 million. The Los Angeles...