How to Lessen the Tax Bite in Retirement

One expense that won't go away in retirement is taxes, but you can keep your tax rate on the low end of the scale by taking tax-efficient withdrawals from your accounts.

SEC Charges Illinois With Fraud -- and Settles Immediately

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission published a notice that simultaneously charged the state of Illinois with committing securities fraud and also settled the charges, without requiring Illinois to either "admit or deny" the agency's findings.

Want Security? Don't Invest...Save!

Want to retire with security to spare? Check out fixed rate annuities -- a way to save your way to security, rather than investing your way to an empty bank account.

Another Pension Bites the Dust: A Lesson from Hostess' Bankruptcy

When Hostess Brands entered bankruptcy liquidation, it became the latest in a long list of companies to kill its pension plan. And while the existing retirees may still be protected by the government's Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, younger Hostess employees won't be so lucky.

One Year From Retirement? Prepare to Make the Break

With one year left until retirement, you're in the final stretch. It's time to prepare for the transition, so give your budget a stress test, reallocate your assets and income sources, and take action on health insurance. Here are six helpful guidelines:

Who Pays Better: Big Companies or Small Companies?

Complaints over higher tax brackets aside, one rule holds true when it comes to your paycheck: Bigger is better. Now, thanks to a recent report out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we now know exactly where to look to score the bigger paycheck.

Will Employer Health Insurance Go the Way of Pensions?

For years, employers have been dropping old-style pensions in favor of 401(k)s, putting more responsibility for retirement in the hands of workers. Now, companies are considering doing the same thing with health insurance benefits: Meet the "defined-contribution" health plan.

New Law Gives U.S. Companies a Break on Pensions

A new law will let companies contribute billions of dollars less to their workers' pension funds, raising concerns about weakening the plans that millions of Americans count on for retirement.

Should You Accept a Pension Buyout Offer?

Recently, 90,000 former Ford workers got an interesting offer: They could trade monthly pension benefits for a lump sum of cash. Are such offers a good deal? That depends quite a lot on who you are.

Last-Minute Tax Tips: How to Chose the Right Form to File

With just a week to go before April 17, it's crunch time for getting your taxes filed. If you're just now getting started, the first question you have to answer is which form you should use to file. Here's how to figure it out.

Small Business Owners Are Clueless About Retirement

It's more than just near-term economic challenges small business owners are struggling with: Many also aren't planning properly for their future. According to a recent survey, one-third of them have neither a pension nor retirement savings, and have no idea how they will retire.