Double Your Money Selling Old Pennies by the Pound

Benjamin Franklin once said that a penny saved is a penny earned, but if the pennies are older, they can be worth more. At current copper prices, the melt value of older pennies is well over two cents, and you don't even need to melt them down to extract that extra value.

Massachusetts Man Pays Off Mortgage with Pennies

A Massachusetts man who long ago pledged to make his last mortgage payment with pennies has fulfilled that promise, dropping off 800 pounds of them for the final payment on the Milford home he and his wife bought in 1977.

A Penny Saved Is More Than 2 Pennies Lost

America has a debt problem. We don't bring in enough revenue, and we spend too much money. But don't fret. Our government has a plan to fix all this by ... cutting the cost of coining pennies and nickels.

Pennies won't pay your parking ticket

We've all been on the receiving end of a parking ticket we felt was unjust wishing there was some way to, "stick it to the man," while avoiding a...

In praise of the penny

It seems like the easy way out. It isn't.Every few years it seems, somebody -- usually a politician, occasionally a writer -- will come up with the...