With Businesses Buying PCs Again, Dell Could Prosper

After PC buying stalled during the recession, it's time again to replace those old machines. Such buying kicked in during the second quarter, and it's buoying expectations that Dell's sales and earnings growth will regain badly needed vigor.

Do Intel's Record Earnings Signal a New Tech Boom?

Intel's record earnings suggest that companies are starting to loosen up a bit on tech spending: They are finally replacing their 4- and 5-year-old PCs. This replacement cycle should bid up the stocks of other PC makers -- but how long will this wave of IT buying last?

Intel Is Poised to Set the Pace for Tech Earnings

Investors are looking for a strong showing from the bellwether chipmker, which would offer further evidence that U.S. companies -- and tech firms in particular -- are continuing to emerge from the recession. Analysts expect Intel to come through.

Microsoft Vice President: We're Still No. 1

In an extraordinary blog post, Microsoft's Frank Shaw pressed a case for the company's primacy in the world of technology -- clearly a reaction to its many critics and skeptical analysts on Wall Street, where Microsoft's share price is less than half the level it was in 1999.

Chip Sales Show a Healthy Jump in March

Semiconductor sales hit $23.1 billion in March, further solidifying the industry's growth after a brutal downturn a year ago, according to the closely watched Semiconductor Industry Association report. It was the second-best period on record after November 2007.

Global First-Quarter PC Shipments Jump More Than 20%

Worldwide personal computer shipments increased more than 20 percent in the first three months of 2010 from the same period a year ago, a sign the PC business is on firmer ground after one of its shakiest stretches ever. The quarterly increase was higher than expected by IDC and Gartner.

Apple's 'Latest Creation' Fuels Tablet Chatter

With speculation mounting that Apple is preparing to unveil a new tablet-style computer, the company invited reporters to come see its "latest creation" at an event in San Francisco next week. Meanwhile, a news report said Apple will release a 22-inch, touch-enabled, all-in-one PC in 2010.

Intel Could Revive Earnings Season

Intel, the world's No. 1 chip maker, will release its fourth-quarter earnings in a new format on Thursday, showing Wall Street how it restructured itself to remain competitive during the recession, and highlighting its winning categories.

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