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New Citigroup Hire Lands $30 Million Pay Deal

Citigroup%u2019s (C) newest energy banker Stephen Trauber could take home as much as $30 million over three years as part of his juicy new pay package with the bank. Trauber, whom Citigroup poached from Swiss bank UBS (UBS), landed himself the deal just months after pay czar Kenneth Feinberg ended his oversight of Citigroup%u2019s pay practices, The Wall Street Journal said. The U.S. taxpayer still owned 17.5% of Citigroup as of July.

Kenneth Feinberg Tries to Shame Wall Street

A new report from pay czar Kenneth Feinberg looks at compensation practices at 17 banks that received federal bailouts, and it's not a pretty picture: The banks made an estimated $1.6 billion in "ill-advised" payments.

Pay Czar Feinberg to Ask for Stronger Clawback Provisions

Wall Street "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg will ask several financial firms to strengthen so-called clawback provisions, but will not force them to recover bonuses paid at the height of the financial crisis, CNBC reported. Clawback provisions allow companies to reclaim compensation given to employees if, for instance, the employee is found to have caused significant losses for the firm.

BP Fund Czar Excels at Weighing Victims' Suffering

As the claims administrator for the $20 billion BP Deepwater Horizon compensation fund, Kenneth R. Feinberg brings to the task 25 years as a mediator skilled at finding a measure of justice for victims of disasters from Vietnam to 9/11.

Fannie and Freddie CEOs Score Big Paydays

Big firms which got government bailouts and haven't paid back the money are supposed to be subject to pay restrictions. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both borrowed tens of billions, and haven't repaid it yet. So how is it that their CEOs will make millions for their work in 2009?

Pay czar tips his hand

The Federal Reserve is working toward proposing broad rules for compensation at financial firms. European Union leaders are doing the same. But, the...