pawn shops

A Pawnshop for the Rich

Even rich people need quick cash sometimes, so they're turning to upscale pawnshops like Borro, which takes everything from sports cars to fine wine in exchange for big loans.

Get Cash for Your Gold Without Being Cheated

Gold prices are up again, and floating near an all-time high: That means bad news for the overall economy, but good news if you have unwanted jewelry and want to cash in. But be careful: It's also a good time to get cheated. DailyFinance explains how to get the best price for your gold.

Online Pawn Shop Polishes Up an Old Lending Idea

Two-year-old Pawngo bills itself as a more upscale pawnshop for the digital age, catering to a new breed of pawn customer -- not desperate, just temporarily cash-strapped. The company wants to dispel the stereotype of sketchy storefronts dealing in fenced goods -- and so far, it has had a fair amount of success.

Gold selling 101

With gold hitting all-time highs, cash-strapped Americans are cashing in. Just be careful: consumer protections are far and few between, and...

Costly Cash: The Rise of Pawn Shops and Payday Lenders

Millions of Americans are facing the worst money problems imaginable, but these same conditions are a boon for pawn shops and payday lenders. Borrowers get short-term loans at these stores using some asset as collateral -- their paycheck, or a car, or jewelry. That access to cash helps, but it comes at a cost that can be crippling.

Rich & famous heading to pawn shops?

If you need more evidence that people do really, really, dumb things with money, look no further than this great video from the Today Show about a...