Target and Neiman Marcus, an Odd Fashion Pairing? Not At All

Cheap chic retailer Target and luxury department store Neiman Marcus announced Tuesday that they're teaming up on a holiday fashion, home and accessories collection to be sold at both chains. Strange bedfellows? Not really. The two have more in common than meets the eye.

Can Martha Make Shopping at Penney's 'a Good Thing'?

J.C. Penney is betting on iconic domestic diva Martha Stewart to help reinvent the staid department store concept, and in turn, how America shops. Their partnership is the first bold move from new CEO Ron Johnson -- but can it work?

Goldman Sachs May Strip 60 Executives of Partnership

Goldman Sachs (GS) may strip as many as 60 executives of their partnerships this year to make way for new executives in a process known as "de-partnering." Only 375 or so of Goldman%u2019s 35,000 employees are partners, The New York Times reported. Winning partnership can be seen as a ticket to permanent success, with former partners including former Treasury Secretaries Henry Paulson and Robert Rubin.

As Toyota Joins With Tesla, Alternative Fuels a Major Focus

Toyota, maker of the popular Prius hybrid, is preparing to move into other alternative-fuel technologies such as hydrogen fuel-cells and biofuels. Its recent large investment in Tesla Motors is just the first such partnership the world's largest automaker is pursuing.

The importance of AND / OR

It's a very small matter, yet an incredibly powerful one and it has come to my attention that even a few seasoned bank tellers don't fully understand...