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Measuring Rich People's Toys Against Average Incomes

The gap between America's super-wealthy and the rest of us has grown so vast it's hard to even comprehend the sums they spend on their luxuries. But if you measure, say, a $200 million luxury yacht in terms of the average U.S. family's household income, the picture comes back into focus.

An iPhone app to make you a paparazzi

Celebrity sightings are one of the perks of living here in Los Angeles. And the advent of cell phone cameras enabled us to instantly show our friends...

10 worst celebrity business owners

Maybe it's the inflated ego or the itch to do something with those millions of dollars just laying around, but some celebrities have a knack for...

Vegas Turns Pools Into Party Club Gold Mines

Pool clubs have become ubiquitous in Las Vegas. With dance-floor-packing DJs and islands adorned with stripper poles, they are the daytime versions of Sin City's famously profitable nightclubs, and they are transforming its once money-losing swimming pools into cash cows.

Casey Johnson, Dead at 30, Enjoyed Family Wealth but Chose Fame

For Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) heiress Casey Johnson, 30, the battle between a desire for media attention and her family's struggle for privacy translated into a painful choice between wealth and fame. On Monday, the struggle ended sadly: Johnson found dead of undetermined causes in her Los Angeles home.

The best job in the world? Hardly

Many megabytes have been chewed up about the contest run by the Australian Tourism Bureau to be a highly paid beach bum, what the organizers dubbed...

Paris Hilton vows to save the economy

In the 1930s there was Roosevelt and in 2009, there's Paris Hilton. That's right: The heiress best known for reality television and jail has vowed to...