Mom, Money and Alzheimer's

When a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, it's up to the adult children to protect their finances, by getting power of attorney, monitoring accounts, and using other tactics. Here's how Cameron Huddleston of Kiplinger did it.

Parents Cutting Back on College Spending, Says Sallie Mae

Families are implementing more cost-saving strategies to cut college spending, choosing less expensive schools and finding more economical ways for students to attend, according to a study from Sallie Mae, the country's largest student lender.

The (Extended) Family Home: Why Millions Are Moving In

Multigenerational households in this country are growing fast. At the end of 2009, 51.4 million Americans lived in a home with three or more generations under one roof, up nearly 5 million from 2007. So what's driving this trend, and how can you move in relatives without drowning in drama?

Don't Let Grandma Get Scammed

In a shaky economy, senior citizens have become a prime target for scammers. Here are some of the common scams -- and warning signs -- to watch out for, along with some tips on how to protect your elderly loved ones.

What New College Grads Really Want? Health Insurance

Parents, take heed: Those wild and crazy recent college grads of yours may not be as crazy as you think. Turns out, they don't really want to do 200-foot bungee jumps (or even take new job) if they don't have health insurance coverage.

What Moms Teach Us About Money

Research shows that what our parents teach us about money lays an important foundation for our future financial fitness, and the anecdotal evidence is just as strong. So if you're a rainy-day saver or a coupon clipper, you probably have mom to thank.

Gary Shilling: Advice for Investors Facing a Decade of Slow Growth Ahead

Gary Shilling has long been right about the economy, but being the bearer of bad news, Shilling's predictions are not always what investors want to hear. In this video, we speak with Gary Shilling about how his views were developed and, importantly, how investors should prepare for what he says will be sluggish economic growth ahead.

Why More College Grads Are Moving Back Home

Today's newly minted graduates are facing one of the most difficult job markets in decades. So, for many, that means they're right back where they started -- living at home with their parents.

Heavy Student Loans Put a Damper on Family Life

It's a sad truth: Debt forces people into choices they'd rather not make. A survey conducted by Sallie Mae subsidiary Nellie Mae found that 21% of student borrowers had delayed having children because of their loans, and 14% delayed getting married because of their student debt loads.