Why BlackBerry Maker RIM Will Never Be Great Again

It has been a horrible year for Research In Motion, and things may not be getting any better for the BlackBerry maker come 2012. Despite all of the buyout speculation, RIM's stock has been a disaster. In fact, it's a foregone conclusion that RIM is toast.

Hewlett-Packard to Launch Smartphone in 2011

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) will enter the smartphone market in early 2011 using the webOS software it acquired as part of its $1.2 billion purchase of Palm. "You will see us coming early next year with new phones," Senior Vice President Eric Cador said, according to Reuters.

HP Close to Appointing New CEO

Hewlett-Packard will probably have a new CEO in under a week. The candidate will likely come from inside the company, which would almost certainly allow the board of directors to speed through the process.

The Best Brokers For Mobile Investors

What are the best brokerages for mobile investors? The industry advisory firm Corporate Insight surveyed the mobile trading features of 21 brokerages, looking at a variety of platforms and loads of other features. See what firms come out on top.

HP's Management Crisis: Where Rivals Have Openings

Although HP's rivals have been quiet, the Mark Hurd fiasco has to smell like blood in the water around Silicon Valley. Where exactly might HP be most vulnerable? And where might it still hold an edge? Here's a business-by-business rundown.

Where Google Can Beat Apple: Mobile Advertising

Apple and Google are fierce adversaries in the mobile web arena, but Apple is primarily a device manufacturer, while Google is an advertising company. And in the mobile web business, advertising is the smarter strategy.

With Palm, HP Aims to Shake Up Wireless

In hindsight, it's fairly impressive that Palm managed to hold on for so long. But after Apple revolutionized the smart-phone market with the iPhone, Palm has been living on borrowed time. In the end, HP may be the big winner as it snaps up the company for $1.2 billion.

Hewlett-Packard Grabs Palm for $1.2 Billion

While there was no secret that Palm's private equity investors wanted to unload the company, the betting was that the buyers would come from a tech operator in China, like Lenovo. But in the M&A world, deals can get interesting. So in a surprise move, HP has agreed to shell out $1.2 billion for Palm in an all-cash deal, which should make the private equity investors happy.

Hewlett-Packard to Acquire Palm in $1.2 Billion Deal

Computer maker Hewlett-Packard Co. has agreed to acquire struggling smart phone maker Palm Inc. for nearly $1 billion in cash. The companies announced Wednesday they had agreed to the deal, which will see HP pay $5.70 for every Palm common share. When debt is included, the deal values Palm (PALM) at $1.2 billion.

Why Lenovo Should Steer Clear of Palm

Lenovo is considering a bid for smart phone maker Palm. But such a move could be risky. Palm has not been successful partly because its operating system is caught in a dead zone somewhere between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

Harbinger Buys a Big Piece of Palm

Palm shares jumped more than 8% in early afternoon trading after Harbinger Capital Partners disclosed Wednesday that it has taken a 9.48% stake in the struggling smartphone maker. For the noted hedge fund run by Philip Falcone, it's another bet in the wireless industry.

Palm Pitched Itself to Huawei. Good Thing Huawei Waited

Palm seems to have had the good sense to shop itself around a month prior to reporting its devastating third-quarter earnings. It approached Chinese telecom Huawei Technologies, but the two never got to talk potential price before Palm's stock cratered.

The following is a round-up of news likely to affect stock prices today: Alcoa (AA) reported a narrower net loss of $201 million, or 20 cents a...

Palm Prepares to Put Itself on the Block

Struggling smartphone maker Palm is reportedly gearing up for a sale, and is poised to put out a call for bids in a move that could come as early as this week, Bloomberg reported Monday. Shares of Palm soared 20% in morning trading, climbing as high as $6.17.

Stocks in the News: Alcoa, Palm, UBS

The following is a round-up of news likely to affect stock prices today: Alcoa Inc. (AA) is the first of the Dow Industrial's 30 companies to report...

IPhone Update May Address Multitasking Complaint

Topping the wish list for the iPhone and iPad: broader ability to run more than one program at a time. Users who bemoaned the lack of multitasking may at last get their gripes addressed in software updates for the iPhone and iPad tomorrow -- though Apple has promised nothing.

Verizon Drops Prices on Two Palms, One BlackBerry

Verizon Wireless announced it was slicing the prices on its Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus by more than 60%, and on the BlackBerry Curve by more than 70%. That's good news for both Palm and Research In Motion, which have seen their smartphone sales slip recently.

Is Palm Empty? Analysts Drop Its Target Price to $0

Hear that scream? That's the painful sound of a finger and thumb being lopped off Palm Inc. The smart-phone maker's stock cratered to a new 52-week low after it warned that its fourth quarter revenues would be roughly half of Wall Street's expectations, and two analysts lowered their price targets for the stock to $0.